Piringan Hitam SAS “Sansekerta” dihargai $ 100,00 ….WOwww!!!!

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wow……alangkah terkejutnya ketika saya ngintip di e-Bay hari ini 8 Desember 2008 .Disitu tertera piringan hitam SAS Group rilis ARCO tahun 1983 bertajuk “Sansekerta” dibid pada harga $ 100,00.Wow…….gilaaa ?

Tapi bangganya juga produk rockers Indonesia dihargai sedemikian tinggi.Beberapa bule sohib saya antara lain Gianlorenzo Giovannozzi dari Italia sampai ngontak saya menanyakan apakah harga tersebut “make sense” ?……..Apakah karena barangnya sudah punah,atau karena nilai musiknya memang setinggi itu ?

Namun yang lebih miris dan memprihatinkan bahwa lama kelamaan rekaman-rekaman musik Indonesia kita yang memang sudah langka terancam punah tanpa bekas jika selalu didagangkan di jaringan e-Bay ini.

  1. Henk Madrotter berkata:

    Hey There! First I want to congratulate you on your AMAZING website!!!!

    And yes, 10.000 dollar for a record.It’s getting VERY crazy now, so many records that you cannot get under a thousand dollars here, it’s CRAZY!!!! And I don’t like it!!!! it started with foreign buyers buying these albums CHEAP and then selling them for these EXPENSIVE prices on internet and at record venues, well the sellers have found out about it and automatically all the prices went up and up and up…. And it’s not just bule’s, most of the times when a record goes for a crazy price again (the sellers always tell me about it when that happens) it’s somebody from JAPAN paying these crazy prices…
    I don’t like it for different reasons, first, normal Indonesian people can no longer afford to buy. Second (and there are big debates on internet about this) I think it is a case of Indonesia losing a cultural treasure. (culturel theft if you like, in some ways not that different from the dutch stealing treasures from ndonesia in the colonial times) The same happened and is happening in the rest of Asia, Africa and South America… I’ve said it often on my blog, I don’t mind when people come here and search for records because the LOVE music but i HATE the ones who only come here because they want to make a lot of money out of it, it really is a matter of principle for me!!!

    Anyways, that’s just my two cents…. Keep up the good work, I will link your blog on mine (i only found this blog today:))

    Best wishes Henk

  2. dennysakrie63 berkata:

    Hi,Henk how’re ya ? Tahnks to visit my blog

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