KLa Project ,One Step Ahead

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Album "Exellentia" KLa Project

KLA Project One Step Ahead


Album Title     : Exellentia

Artist               : KLa Project

Label               : KLa Corps

Released : 2011

This is the 10th album of KLa Project after in 23 years they do pioneering career in Indonesia music industry. Supported by Katon Bagaskara, Lilo Romulo and Adi Adrian, KLa Project makes a serious effort to present their newest album. They are also ready to deal with the frictions in the musical climate. If you listen to 10 tracks that contained in this album, KLa Project implying that they are ready to step in this present day. It means that KLa Project is ready to pass on his work to young audiences without ignoring their fans, which remained faithful ever since they released the single Tentang Kita” in 1988.

This is an interesting strategy that actually has a speculative trap. But KLa Project has been able to absorb contemporary music without having to chop off their identity that has been formed nearly in two decades.

Traces of more modern musical influence can be heard on tracks such as “Revolusi Disko“, which takes a dance-floor nuance without having to succumb to sounding like cheesy disco. The song still retains that Kla Project nuance that has made the band a known name. The electro sounds beeping out of the track certainly does not take from Katon Bagaskara’s lyrics.

Adi Adrian is the architect behind Kla’s music. He is the one responsible for all the seemingly-small but significant sounds which pops up throughout – and enriches – Kla’s arrangements. He is also the primary pillar to Kla’s overall sound, which continues to take various forms of imaginative sounds without abandoning their true identity.

On this album Katon writes all the lyrics of KLa Project songs, still with a poetic approach and  f romantic atmosphere  but also infiltrate with energetic power that is arousing.

This is such a beautiful trip in the music industry, has been produced by KLa on the album that offering something more attractive: an Exellentia!

KLa has so many attractive songs on this album with a spacey album cover. There is a romance theme that wakens our sense like “Cinta (Bukan) Hanya Kata“. Katon Bagaskara apparently skillfull to arrange words such the following:


Cinta hanya kata

Sampai kau datang juga

Dan memberinya makna

The meaning of lost are spoken elegantly in the song titled “Hilang Separuh Arti” :

Rumput hatiku yang mongering

Tak tersiram hujan

Namun coba bertahan

Unification of attractive melodies, a suggestive lyric, inspirational music and genial vocals of Katon, make up an integral element in KLa Project music, which had never faded since long ago. With some contemporary music’s atmospheric , finally KLa Project becomes an Exellentia!



1.Revolusi Disco

2.Cinta (Bukan) Hanya Kata

3.Hilang Separuh Arti

4.Mana Kutahu

5.Impian Tumbang

6.Kau Pulihkan Luka

7.Rahasia Semesta

8.Hidup Adalah Pilihan

9.Tak Ingin Kuberalih

10.Mimpimu Nyata


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